Working at office is a part of most IT-related businesses’ daily routine. That’s how we used to work, that’s how we think we should work. But if you ask yourself why do you (personally you, no matter if you are a business owner, a manager, or an employee) need it today, when we have high-speed internet connection and a lot of communication software–will you find a clear answer?

The pros of working remotely are too obvious to name them one more time, but what about the cons?

There are a number of popular excuses why we still should work at office in XXI century. Let’s try to discuss them.

Remote work is ineffective due to poor communication experience

That’s what most of us, old-school workers, think. Nonsense. We think that real-world communication is more effective because we used to it. But look at your own children, or younger cousin, or your 16-years-old neighbor. They feel extremely comfortable communicating via Facebook or Twitter, actually that’s the way they used to communicate. And if it works for them, why shouldn’t it for you as well? After all even if you think you’ll never be as much comfortable with remote communication as they do, it’s them who will form the future of IT (or any other) business, not you or me. If you want to look like a dinosaur in 5-7 years, go on insisting that real-world communication is absolutely necessary.

One needs more self-discipline to work at home

The same here–that’s just a matter of our habits. It’s true that a typical office worker becomes slacker when he starts working at home. But that’s only because working at office is the way he used to work. After a couple years of work he usually becomes even more effective at home, and if only he started his carrier in that way, he wouldn’t ever face this problem.

Sometimes I need an access to my colleague’s screen or keyboard

Yes, we really need that occasionally, and this problem is the only one that’s not a myth. As a remote software developer, I often lack an ability to view the code my collaborator is working on. Shared screen utilities are too monstrous, and copy-pasting the code in Skype is too inconvenient. But it only means that we still don’t have proper software for that! That’s the problem we the SourceTalk team are going to solve. And we’ll be really happy if our service helps you to move your business out of office one day.

Oleg Kalistratov, co-founder