A few days ago, 37signals, a company that created Basecamp, Campfire, released Ruby on Rails, and published several popular books, announced major changes. To be short, the company is now renamed to Basecamp and focused on a single product (you guess which one).

We in SourceTalk were strongly inspired by the example of 37signals when we launched our product. Moreover, we use the framework they created (Ruby on Rails) and share many of their ideas (by the way, read Jason Fried’s “Remote” if you haven’t yet). So we really wish them luck on their way!

But besides that, here’s what I want to tell. When I first had an insight on the tool that could improve the interaction in development teams, I thought of it as of Campfire for developers. So if you are a developer, and you like Campfire, you can consider using SourceTalk as an alternative. It may lack a lot of the features of the original at the moment, but this will improve, and a lot of improvements will happen very soon. So why don’t give SourceTalk a try right now?

Oleg Kalistratov, co-founder