It may look like our work on improving SourceTalk kind of stuck. In reality, the things are quite opposite: we work on an upcoming version harder than ever before.
SourceTalk is finally coming out of beta, and the release version will be radically reworked comparing to the one you use now. It will be much more functional, useful and friendly.
Having release app version in mind, I have also decided to change the format of this blog. During beta period, the content of the blog was mainly focused on the application updates. Once the stable version is released, the current format looses part of its significance.
After-release blog will not be so application-centric: I will tell about my experience building SourceTalk from scratch to the release, provide technical problems and solutions we used, write about the current state of remote development industry and its outlook. In other words, it will be a quite different blog in the same manner as the release version will be quite different from the current one. We already have a new design for the blog, and most probably it will be hosted on GitHub Pages and powered by Jekyll. Jekyll is a blog platform in Ruby; it is cool, static and geeky. I really love WordPress, but for several reasons find Jekyll a better approach.
So stay tuned, a lot of changes are coming very soon.

Oleg Kalistratov, co-founder