Finally the completely reworked version of SourceTalk is released.

2 years after we started working on SourceTalk, and 2 months after the release date we previously announced. But that was worth it.

Take a look at some screenshots of the new version:

st-3 st-4

Or even better: start using new SourceTalk right now!

Here is the list of the new features comparing to the previous version:

  • New UI. Yes, the old one was very poor, and we hope that you’ll like the updated SourceTalk interface.
  • Support for markdown and images. Chat now supports extended Markdown syntax: all URL-like text gets automatically converted to links, and URLs that end with image extensions show image previews.
  • User accounts. While it might not look like an improvement in itself, we had to add them to implement new features that are listed below. Note that participating in a public conference still doesn’t require registration.
  • Human-readable URLs and increased conference lifecycle. Now every conference has a readable URL, all your conferences are listed on your profile page, and the lifetime of the conferences is increased: public conferences get deleted after a week of inactivity.
  • GitHub integration. Probably the most important change: you can add files to your conferences directly from your GitHub repositories! Currently this works only for public repositories (see below).

A couple missing features that we are working on:

  • IDE plugins. Currently, only Sublime Text 2/3 plugin is working properly with our new API (you need to update it to version 2.0 though). Releasing the rest of them is a first-priority task.
  • Private conferences and paid plans. We understand the importance of privacy for the commercial projects. Private conferences (with access to private GitHub repositories) will be available as part of the upcoming paid subscription plans.

Oleg Kalistratov, co-founder