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During the latest months,¬†we were mainly focused on the stability updates, so you might have noticed that there weren’t any noticeable changes and new features. But that’s not the case anymore.

We are glad to announce several important updates for the coming months:

  1. Email notifications for application events like new messages or new participants.
  2. Annotations, which will mostly mimic normal chat messages except that they will also be visible as popup comments for the specified source code blocks.
  3. Improved integration with GitHub, including the support for viewing the whole commits and pull requests as sets of diff files.
  4. And finally, paid plans and private conferences.

SourceTalk team

We have just made a couple of important fixes related to our IDE plugins. Here they are:

  • If you ever noticed that a conference created from the plugin is empty, please note that this bug is fixed.
  • On some environments, Sublime Text 3 plugin didn’t work earlier. This is not the case now. (You should update your plugin to version 1.1.1)

SourceTalk team

Some changes this month:

  • another hang scenario fixed
  • we moved to Bootstrap 3, so you can notice that the overall UI has slightly changed
  • conference title element improved: now, file name is displayed even if the conference has title, and you can set/change the title at any time (not only when creating a conference)
  • a lot of minor updates and fixes

We are planning to do more updates this month, and share a Backbone.js plugin we developed for our product, so stay tuned.

SourceTalk team

We have recently made some major changes:

  • most importantly, we fixed a critical bug which could hang/crash your browser (hey, we are really sorry if you ever suffered from it!)
  • we upgraded our application to Ruby on Rails 4
  • we fixed some more bugs, so the product is more stable now

Keep up with our news, more updates to come in November!

SourceTalk team