This finally happens: I can announce the release date of a totally reworked version of SourceTalk. The date is February 15, 2015.

New features that will be included in the release:

  • 100% new UI
  • full-fledged user accounts (guest access to conferences will still be an option)
  • GitHub integration
  • increased lifetime of the conferences (permanent conferences are matter of later updates)
  • human-readable URLs
  • Markdown support for chat messages
  • convenient way to copy code chunks into messages
  • a lot of minor updates and fixes

Here are the real screenshots of the WIP version:



Even better: you can access this version right now! Here it is:

While some features are missing at the moment I write this post (most notably, GitHub integration is yet to be implemented), it is still way better than the current one.

You should note however that:

  • this version is a work in progress, it can miss features, work wrong, hang or even be unavailable, i.e. we give absolutely no warranty of any kind on it
  • you can’t use IDE plugins with this pre-release version

Though that is not guaranteed, we will do our best to move all your sensitive data from this pre-release to the release version.

Also, you can help SourceTalk become better by submitting bugs and issues into the public issue tracker I created specially for this pre-release:

There is no special process for that, just describe the issue and try to provide as many details as possible.

And finally: I will highly appreciate if you spread the word about the upcoming release. While SourceTalk was flying under the radar for a very long period, it is now time to become public. If you like this tool, it’s up to you to help it succeed!

Oleg Kalistratov, co-founder