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This time we have mainly stability updates. We received a lot of bug reports since the latest major release, and tried to fix as many bugs as possible. Also we are glad to announce that the average performance of the service is significantly improved, so if you ever experienced major delays in the past, that shouldn’t be the case now.

Besides that, one notable change is that we have prolonged the lifetime of the public conferences up to 30 days of inactivity.

Stay tuned, new exciting features are coming soon!

SourceTalk team

This finally happens: I can announce the release date of a totally reworked version of SourceTalk. The date is February 15, 2015.

New features that will be included in the release:

  • 100% new UI
  • full-fledged user accounts (guest access to conferences will still be an option)
  • GitHub integration
  • increased lifetime of the conferences (permanent conferences are matter of later updates)
  • human-readable URLs
  • Markdown support for chat messages
  • convenient way to copy code chunks into messages
  • a lot of minor updates and fixes

Here are the real screenshots of the WIP version:



Even better: you can access this version right now! Here it is:

While some features are missing at the moment I write this post (most notably, GitHub integration is yet to be implemented), it is still way better than the current one.

You should note however that:

  • this version is a work in progress, it can miss features, work wrong, hang or even be unavailable, i.e. we give absolutely no warranty of any kind on it
  • you can’t use IDE plugins with this pre-release version

Though that is not guaranteed, we will do our best to move all your sensitive data from this pre-release to the release version.

Also, you can help SourceTalk become better by submitting bugs and issues into the public issue tracker I created specially for this pre-release:

There is no special process for that, just describe the issue and try to provide as many details as possible.

And finally: I will highly appreciate if you spread the word about the upcoming release. While SourceTalk was flying under the radar for a very long period, it is now time to become public. If you like this tool, it’s up to you to help it succeed!

Oleg Kalistratov, co-founder

This month we have one but major update: SourceTalk conferences now support multiple files. You can add files to a conference by dragging and dropping it (this action now adds a new file instead of replacing the current one) and remove by clicking “x” on a file tab.

It is important to note that you have to upgrade your IDE/editor plugins to version 1.2 since the old version do not work anymore.

One issue here is that you won’t be able to upgrade Emacs plugin from Marmalade repository: at the moment of the update, it does not allow to upload new plugin versions (we hope that’s a temporary problem). You can still download and upgrade the plugin manually from this repository:

SourceTalk team

Hi there, we have just released a new version of SourceTalk with a lot of minor improvements to the overall user experience:

  • Chat now supports multiline messages. Press <Enter> if you want to insert a line break, press <Ctrl + Enter> (or Send button) to send a message.
  • Source file synchronization mechanism is improved.
  • Several notable synchronization bugs are fixed.

But besides that, we are glad to announce some huge changes that you will see very soon. First of all, we are working on a better design for all our infrastructure: the app itself, our site, and this blog. Then, we are planning to move to WebSocket technology as the main transporting mechanism, which will strongly improve your chatting and synchronization experience: we understand that it is far from perfect right now. Last but not least, we are working to implement user accounts and planning to add paid plans later. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to pay, all the features you can use now will be always available for free: paid plans will add the features like private conferences, infinite chat history, and synchronization with GitHub, but if you don’t need these, nothing changes for you.

SourceTalk team

Below are some updates we made last month:

  • Chat direction changed. Now you see the latest messages at the bottom of the page, which is more usual for chats
  • Sound notifications. If you don’t see SourceTalk tab (or browser window), you will be notified when someone sends a message
  • Also, you will see the number of the unread messages in the page title

Hope these small changes will make you SourceTalk experience a bit better.

SourceTalk team